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RIL partner with the Charity Retail Sector, local authorities, waste management companies and schools providing bespoke and reliable services for end of life clothing shoes and accessories.

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We pride ourselves on offering a transparent full cycle recycling process to ensure our partners' waste material is recycled adhering to the Governments Hierarchy of Waste guidelines and the EU Waste Framework Directive whilst offering the most favourable rates available.

RIL divert approximately 20 tonnes of textile and shoe waste per day from landfill. Our aim is to assist our partners to raise additional funds from material that would otherwise be considered waste and would be costly to dispose of.

RIL provide our partners with:

Reliable and regular collections

All our collections are tailored to meet your individual requirements. Through many years of experience, we understand your storage issues and the fluctuation in volumes received. We offer increased collection schedules through those busy times so you have one less thing to worry about.

We offer storage solutions for your material compliant with all current health & safety recommendations. Our storage solutions are varied and allocation is provided dependent on what suits the needs of your service.

Friendly and helpful collection staff

Our collection teams are fully trained to provide you with a completely hassle free service. Our vehicles are easily recognisable and our team wear uniforms to ensure you know you are dealing with the correct people.

They will always greet you with a friendly smile and introduce themselves. We always aim to use the same teams on the same rounds each week so our clients know who they are and build a trusting rapport. We feel that this is an important part of our service and something our partners genuinely appreciate.

They will provide you with all the necessary duty of care paperwork at the time of collection, in addition to the weights collected by use of our onboard weighing systems.

Our teams are able to answer any questions you may have and will always leave the collection point clean and tidy. We like to always leave a good impression.

Timely and regular payments

For safety and transparency reasons our payments are made directly into our partners bank accounts. Payments are made in a regular timely manner. Depending on the volumes of material being collected for recycling we are willing to provide shorter payment terms giving you the security you need. We understand that the revenue received for this waste is a bonus compared to an excellent service, but none the less, one for which payment has been promised and budgeted for.

Competitive rates of pay

RIL will always endeavour to give the best rates available. We have streamlined our services and processes to enable us to offer great rates. Our end markets are established, long term businesses and as such we have a secure structured outlets for your material once it has been collected for recycling.

We genuinely understand that raising funds is of utmost importance to you, we are keen to help you achieve any potential revenue you may be entitled to from the materials you want collected.

Transparent pricing Structure

RIL offer transparent rates of pay to our partners. We use industry recognised guidelines enabling you to see we are offering fair, competitive but also realistic rates within the textile recycling industry.

Our rates are constantly monitored by our commercial team and we will always provide you with the best rates available. Our pricing structure is made up so you can see why we can offer the rates we can for the material and the costs we incur to collect and recycle it.

We will always give you clear and open information so that you can make the right decision.