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We all have unwanted clothes and shoes in our wardrobes and cupboards so why not make the most of these items by having them recycled and raise some much needed funding for your school or a charity of your choice?

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RIL offer an educational recycling program called RIL KIDS CLUB to schools, colleges, clubs and groups.

It is simple to set up, all you need to do is contact us and we will organise the whole spectacular event.

RIL will discuss your fundraising options with you and arrange a date for our friendly RIL KIDS CLUB representatives to visit. Our representatives will provide a fun and educational presentation about Textile Recycling.

The kids will be given an exciting and informative glimpse into the world of textile recycling and what happens to the clothing they have donated. We will show them where it goes, what it can be turned into and who they are helping by recycling the material.

Before we arrive we will deliver enough collection bags for the children and teachers as we just know everyone will want to get involved. We also provide lots of fun promotional material to remind the kids when to bring their full bags back to school for the presentation and collection.

We will then send the school (or charity of your choice) payment for the tonnage of material collected. We also send the kids a thank you letter and certificate to thank the kids for their efforts.

This is a completely free program which will not only educate the kids about the importance of recycling but will provide them with a fun and memorable experience.

Contact us now for more information.